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Charles Schwab – 215 Fremont


An award-winning project honored with the 2003 Excellence in Engineering Award for the Best Use of Conventional Technologies constructing a building retrofit by the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC). Built in 1927, this 7 story 320,000 square-foot office building went through extensive seismic and structural upgrades. The transformation required the demolition of the existing 7th floor and the mechanical penthouse structures. Seismic retrofit was accomplished through the addition of a new foundation system under the existing structure. A structural steel and composite braced frame system was used that required 270 micro piles and 3,800 cubic yards of concrete. Augmented by shotcrete shear walls and steel x-bracing tied into the existing vertical column system to upgrade the existing structure to accommodate the addition of 2 new structural steel floors to the building. The added floor area increased the building size to 425,000sf. The entire exterior received new windows and skin system. The existing Fremont Street façade was the most technically challenging scope of the project. It included the demolition of structure full height and back one column bay, the addition of a steel structure, and the introduction of a new aluminum and curtain wall façade.