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Hyatt Mission Bay


The Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina renovation and upgrade project was completed while the hotel continued to host vacationers, weddings and business conferences. The scope of work for this existing 4-star hotel included the complete renovation of 429 guest rooms, 2 extensive kitchen remodels, common areas, systems modernization, building code upgrades and extensive landscaping.

Webcor worked closely with the owner and management to allow renovations to proceed while minimizing the disruption of guest activities. The main lobby was temporarily moved to an alternate location and temporary walkways with lighting were created to provide necessary access for guests and employees. The hours of construction were restricted to 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and specific activities were curtailed as needed to accommodate special events.

The entire property is constructed on sand where the ocean water table is between 5 and 10 feet below grade. Dewatering equipment was required for the construction of the subterranean mechanical room which services the guest pools and waterslides. The sandy nature of the site required enginered excavation and shoring to avoid the displacement of the walls.

The renovated property features the new Blue Marble Spa, the Red Marlin Restaurant Bar and Terrace, the Swim Bar & Lounge, a StayFit Gym, meeting rooms, a private marina, and a 65-foot pedestrian bridge. Site improvements included wood trellises, rock formations, fire pits and 3 new guest pools with water slides. Sustainable features include the use of FSC-certified lumber, regionally sourced concrete aggregate and post-consumer recycled steel products.