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Ironhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Ironhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant is a new, 4.3 million gallon/day average dry weather flow wastewater treatment facility. The scope of work consists of the integration of the existing wastewater treatment facilities, the construction of an influent treatment pipeline from the existing wastewater treatment plant to the new wastewater treatment plant, the installation of a discharge pipeline, outfall, and diffuser off the north shore of Jersey Island for discharge of treated effluent into the San Joaquin River, and the extension of a 24-inch diameter pipeline on Jersey Island.

Webcor Concrete Group performed the reinforced cast-in-place concrete scope for the project, in addition to pipe encasement and sub-grade preparation.

Views of the Outdoors – Greater than 90% of regularly occupied spaces will have a direct line of sight to the outdoor environment.