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Seahaus is a 236,000 square-foot high-end condominium development in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla, consisting of 138 living units over two, Type I subterranean parking garages. The project is located on a four-acre site which is two blocks from the Pacific Ocean. There are a total of thirteen wood framed buildings that range from two to three stories.

The project architect, M.W. Steele, evoked the style of Irving Gill with the design of the buildings. Irving Gill was a pioneering architect of the early 1900s who was influenced by California’s Spanish missions. Gill was known for incorporating trellises and landscaping into his clean and simple buildings.

The project was done in two phases. The first phase, demo and mass excavation, started in July 2003. Over 80,000 cubic yards of earth was moved to create the subterranean parking garages. The second phase, construction of the structure commenced in November 2003.