Why We Are Unique

Our people make us stand out from the competition, and as a company, we pride ourselves on working together. Individuality is encouraged, creativity is rewarded, and passion is met with more. These are just a few ways we are unique. Come take a closer look.

photos illustrating Webcor's culture





We value health and safety.

We are unequivocally committed to providing a safe work environment to all of our employees and partners to ensure they leave their place of work not only as safe as they arrived but happy and proud for having truly contributed.

We are hands-on.

At Webcor, we love building. This means mud caked boots and jeans; it means hammering out solutions in a job trailer and making them happen. When it comes to building, we are passionate.

We are open door.

We value the free communication of ideas and insights. We don’t hide behind protocol or reporting structures. No one at Webcor will disrespect a question or ignore a thoughtful comment.

We help you grow.

We want our people to love what they do and stick around. Whether you’re an estimator who wants some field experience, a project engineer who wants to do more BIM, or a seasoned superintendent who wants to work on a different building type, we will help you achieve your goals. If you are driven to excellence in whatever you do, you will be rewarded.

We are all about teamwork.

Caring for others, as much as, or more than, ourselves is who we are as the Webcor team. Fundamentally, what’s right – not who’s right – determines our actions.

We give back.

We take contributing to our community seriously. Whether mentoring high school students on a job site, repairing an American Legion post, supporting community hiring, building housing for families in need, or fielding a team for the CANstruction food drive, giving our skills and energy to our communities is fundamental to who we are.

We have fun.

From building top-off barbeques to outings to the ballgame, we celebrate our accomplishments and find enjoyment in what we do. We recognize that part of a balanced life requires that we play and work.