Welcome to Webcor. Here are some personal snapshots of us, sharing a few beliefs and stories that helped shape us as individuals and as leaders of Webcor. We invite you to contact us and start a conversation.

Jes Pedersen, Webcor CEO

Jes Pedersen

Chief Executive Officer

You could say that construction chose me. My dad hung drywall and, I started going to his jobsites at an early age. At about five years old, I was picking up loose nails with a magnet, and soon after I was nailing off closets. In my teens, he taught me to install acoustic ceilings, and I eventually earned my welding license to install steel studs. From this hands-on upbringing, I learned to take pride in my craft and was always looking for new and better ways to build.

Moreover, that idea continues today. I want people to be bold enough to challenge the status quo. It’s a culture we are creating at Webcor because it leads to innovation.

You have to be open to new ideas to be flexible enough to deal with today’s challenges. Today’s building demands are eminently more complex, requiring our teams to collaborate more than ever. Working together is paramount to finding the absolute best solutions.

Tony Rango

Chief Operating Officer

In this fast-paced, ever-changing business, it is essential to provide clarity to your employees so that they can make decisions. To use an adage from the U.S. Army, “Any decision is better than no decision at all.” If a course of action turns out to be wrong and more information is available, change direction, explain why, and learn from it. Setting this direction is essential to avoid paralysis; It keeps jobs energized and moving forward.

Tony Rango, Webcor COO
Matt Reece, Webcor CFO

Matt Reece

Chief Financial Officer

Whatever you do, you should do it right and do it well. Everything matters, and this is especially true in our business. Every position and every task, no matter how small, contributes to the whole. For me, this is the essence of craft – taking pride in even the smallest details to create something truly outstanding.

Hank Brasch

Chief Legal Officer

For us to continually improve and master our craft, we must be passionate about what we do, take chances, and broaden our individual experiences. Creating a positive team environment where all Webcor employees are supremely confident in their abilities and embrace the many challenges we will face as a company is key to accomplishing this goal.

Hank Brasch, Webcor Chief Legal Officer
Chris Plue, SVP, Webcor

Chris Plue

Senior Vice President

I’ve been working with concrete since the age of 16. It’s not glamorous, but it attracts people who are not afraid of hard work. I continue to be inspired by what committed individuals working together can accomplish. Construction is a team sport and, like any sport, communication is critical. Those with the most efficient communication practices prevail.

Mei Lin Wolff

Senior Vice President

It’s especially rewarding when you can come to work every day and give your very best and know that the people you work with are also giving their very best. I hope that you will become excited about the work you’re doing and the people with whom you’re working. You can be confident knowing that the company is heading in the right direction. We’re glad that you’re with us on this journey.

Mei Lin Wolff, SVP, Webcor
Gust Soteropoulos, SVP, Webcor

Gust Soteropulos

Senior Vice President

I grew up in a small farming community in the Midwest. My parents were first-generation Americans of Greek descent. This upbringing instilled in me the principle of hard work and a belief in the virtue of “doing the right thing.” I have found that these guiding principles, when applied to the construction industry, make possible a rewarding career and results in many satisfied business partners.

Ken Summers

Senior Vice President

As a child, I regularly took things apart, trying to understand how they were built. As I grew older and learned to reconstruct the things I’d been taking apart, I took up carpentry to put myself through college. These experiences – mastering my craft, learning to trust the team and process, and the necessary fearlessness to conquer and solve the most difficult of challenges – prepared me for the work to come as a Project Engineer, and eventually as a member of the Executive team.

Ken Summers, SVP, Webcor
Tom Taylor, SVP, Webcor

Tom Taylor

Senior Vice President

I never expected to go into construction. I got an internship with a general contractor and, after 10 months, I fell in love with the work and the industry. The teamwork, sense of accomplishment, and the value added to the community are what drive my career. Sitting around a table and collaborating to overcome challenges or create opportunities are some of my favorite moments at Webcor. It doesn’t matter who you are; If you have the right idea that can benefit the team, you can do anything.

Greg Chauhan

Senior Vice President

Every day I am inspired by the people I work with and their passion and perseverance to build and drive work. Our projects are about people and developing their talent into high-functioning teams that ultimately provide the best value to our clients and community. We build with tenacity and are always seeking to become better than the previous day.

Greg Chauhan, SVP, Webcor
Shelley Doran, SVP, Webcor

Shelley Doran

Senior Vice President

It’s always about the team and building trusting relationships with everyone we interact with on every project. It is vital that we lead by focusing on team accomplishments. Putting the team’s goals first is the best way to make sure we achieve overall success.