We Build Green

Caring about the footprint we leave before, during, and after a project drives us to exceed the requirements within the green building arena. We set higher than expected standards for ourselves in order to be as responsible as possible while building a quality project. The result: green for the earth and green in your pocket.

Photos of California Academy of Sciences


California Academy of Sciences:
Two LEED Platinum awards


As builders of structures that will be standing long after we are gone, we feel responsible to improve the quality of life both under and above the ground we build on. At Webcor, sustainability is in our DNA. It’s not a buzzword or a trend or simply a set of guidelines we follow to win an award. We integrate it into our daily life when possible while looking for new opportunities along the way. Whether it’s developing an energy-efficient strategy for a client, using recycled materials on our job sites, or composting in our office kitchens, we do it because it makes good sense for the world around us.