Corporate Social ReSponsibility

Building Solutions, Bettering Lives

Motivated by this fundamental purpose, Webcor integrates sustainability into all facets of our company, from our internal operations to our unique project delivery methods. We have always prioritized creating environments that will inspire and positively impact our clients, employees, and the communities in which we build for years to come.  

For the last five years, Webcor has proudly ranked among the top 15 of Engineering News-Record’s Top 100 Green Contractors. Sustainability has been and continues to be integral to Webcor’s commercial success and well-being. Each Webcor employee contributes to the company’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility. To facilitate this process, our in-house Sustainability Department plans and drives innovative initiatives and coordinates across all departments to ensure the company continues to optimize the pillars of our triple bottom line.

Webcor's holistic corporate social responsibility commitment focuses on the pillars of our triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Performance. This approach ensures that Webcor considers all stakeholders impacted by all operational decisions.  Read on to learn more about each of these pillars and ways that Webcor incorporates them into how and what we build.


Webcor’s people continue to be our most valuable resource. They are the driving force behind the success of our projects and the foundation of our company culture. Webcor has implemented several programs to support our people that are focused on training and development, diversity and inclusion, community support and volunteerism, and occupational health and safety.

We implement comprehensive reviews of our jobsites and workplaces to ensure our employees enjoy optimized working conditions in both our offices and the field. To advance and encourage employee growth and foster a supportive culture and community within the company, Webcor boasts numerous affinity groups championing diversity, mentorship, wellness, and more. For example, the Women of Webcor group supports women in achieving their professional and personal potential in an environment that cultivates diversity and inclusion. By taking advantage of these resources, employees can fuel their career advancement and effectively network across the company.


As builders of structures that will stand long after we are gone, we optimize our practices and build in a sustainable, efficient manner for the sake of our people and the communities within which we work. Doing so ensures that what we construct today will positively impact society and the environment for decades to come.

For every internal or external initiative, Webcor commits to an integrated decision-making approach that includes ethical resource management, ensuring healthy environments, and a positive community impact.
Through the initiatives pushed by Webcor’s Green Team—and the benefits we offer that encourage sustainable behavior among our employees—our internal practices align with our efforts to be environmentally conscious.


We believe it is crucial to deliver high-performance projects and processes. Whether it’s developing partnerships with our subcontractors to assist with an improved indoor air quality measure within a building, assessing the potential for high-performance green building certifications, or recommending alternative low-impact building materials, we commit to these actions because it makes good sense for our employees and those who will occupy the buildings we deliver.

In alignment with this third pillar of our Triple Bottom Line, Webcor implements rigorous compliance practices and maintains a premier level of support for projects during preconstruction and all phases of construction. We enthusiastically pursue innovative project delivery opportunities and resources, including cross-laminated timber and zero-net-energy design.

Corporate carbon commitment

In early 2020, Webcor launched our Corporate Carbon Commitment—a commitment to track and reduce the embodied carbon footprint of all projects moving forward—in an effort to proactively address climate change on our projects.

1:1:1 Program: donating 1% of our profits, volunteering 1% of our hours, and 1% in in-kind donations

Annual Rebuilding Together volunteer day during which Webcor employees volunteer time and resources to repair, upgrade, and add to the infrastructure in our local communities

Fundraising and wellness programs to support valued non-profits and encourage our employees to be active. Webcor has its own cycling, running, and hiking groups. Some of the programs in which Webcor has participated include the Veteran’s Ride, Best Buddies Hearst Castle Ride the Bloomberg Virtual Mile Relay Run, and the Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Run

Our extensive benefits program encourages environmentally favorable and wellness-oriented practices, including public transportation reimbursement, bicycle commuter reimbursement, incentives for acquiring hybrid and electric vehicles, and an online platform that encourages health and wellness goal setting

Our own corporate office is WELL-certified, reflecting our efforts to create healthy workplaces for our employees. This certification has set the standard for how we now build out all of our temporary jobsite offices

The Women of Webcor group supports women in achieving their professional and personal potential in an environment that cultivates diversity and inclusion. The group hosts mentorship opportunities and facilitates leadership opportunities

A dedicated staff of more than 160 LEED-credentialed professionals

LEED/WELL/GPR/GBI Feasibility assessment, reporting and documentation

Life-cycle assessment, triple bottom line preconstruction analysis and integrated project delivery

Green code standards and sustainability rating system expertise

Net zero project cost analysis

Cost estimation of sustainable technologies

Innovative waste diversion best practices both on and off the jobsite

Corporate employee engagement campaigns: Zero Waste Textile Donation Program, Earth Month, Bike-to-Work, Daylight Hour, and more

Continued training opportunities, including LEED Green Associate and Accredited Professional exam preparation and quarterly innovation evenings introducing employees to new technologies and opportunities within construction