Cecilia Kucharski Rejoins Webcor as Vice President After 8 Years

As Webcor Vice President, Cecilia will focus on penetrating the San Diego market with a focus on life sciences, education, and healthcare.

March 24, 2021

People On The Move

Timing is everything.

A 13-year Webcor veteran who has lived in San Diego for 18 years -- and who left the company in 2013 so she could stay in San Diego -- is returning to help Webcor renew its push for market share in the region.

Cecilia Kucharski begins her second tenure with Webcor as a vice president, focused on penetrating the San Diego market. Webcor already has a presence in the area with federal and energy projects but hopes to add life science, education, and healthcare to the mix. (San Diego has long been a hub for the health & science industries.)

Cecilia was most recently a regional executive for Kitchell Contractors, overseeing operations for San Diego County, the Inland Empire, and Orange County. She left Kitchell in November and began looking for the right fit.

"I reached out to Matt Rossie," she says; Webcor COO Matt Rossie and Sr. Construction Manager Pat Reidy both worked on her first Webcor job as a project manager, the Redwood Shores Openwave TI project in 2000. "The more we talked, the more we felt it was a great opportunity to reconsider San Diego and how Webcor can make inroads there as a company."

Rejoining Webcor wasn't her initial goal. "I didn't think rejoining Webcor was even an option," she says. "However, I knew Webcor was making strategic moves in LA and San Diego, so I figured I would reach out to see if there was a fit."

That conversation continued for a couple of months, ultimately leading to the decision to bring Cecilia back to Webcor.

After the Redwood Shores job, Cecilia worked on projects spanning from San Jose to San Francisco. She moved to San Diego in 2003 to build an office tower for Webcor. She and her family fell in love with San Diego and stayed. In fact, the only reason she left Webcor 10 years later was her desire to remain in San Diego, where she had established roots, built a strong network, and become deeply involved in the community. At the time, Webcor was refocusing its efforts on San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Bringing her back into the Webcor family now makes sense, according to Matt. "She can provide us with an instant connection to the sectors we want to go after," he says. "She brings to Webcor an established presence in San Diego and a deep understanding of the markets we're interested in, San Diego subcontractors, and the way things get done in the region."

Initially, Cecilia will focus on re-acclimating to Webcor and shadowing others’ pursuits to adapt to how Webcor delivers both preconstruction and construction services. She will work closely with Sr. Vice President Jit Pahilajani.