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123 Townsend


This 165,000 square-foot registered historic landmark building was originally constructed in 1903 as a warehouse storage building.  Its conversion to spec office space entailed a restoration and seismic upgrade of the six-story masonry and timber structure with two levels below grade.  By assembling the seismic moment frames outside the building and lifting them through the roof rather than assembling them within the existing structure, we were able to expedite the schedule and reduce the potential of a fire during the welding process. Our careful field coordination and planning safeguarded the historic architectural features of the building as well as minimized impact on city traffic.

Seismic work consisted of new shear walls, spread footings, grade beam foundations, structural steel moment frames, and steel and concrete drag-tie collector beams.  Additionally, we installed a new class-A built-up roofing system, three traction elevators and new plumbing, electrical, and H-VAC systems.  For the final touch, we sandblasted the interior masonry and timber to restore the building’s original grandeur.