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450 Pacific


Built in 1885, 450 Pacific is a historic, 28,000 square-foot, 4-story masonry and heavy timber building with 35 offices, 5 meeting rooms, a library, an exercise room, a full kitchen, and a private bar and dining room. Webcor performed a complete seis­mic retrofit and design renovation to restore the building’s structural elements and character, while adding modern, high-end amenities. The design showcases the building’s timber and brickwork and includes open views to new 4th-floor skylights.

Faced with a hard move-in date for the client, Webcor worked closely with the City of San Francisco to develop a phased-occupancy schedule that allowed the client to occupy the top two floors while the first two were still under construction. The early installation of critical elements such as the elevator, stairs and life safety systems helped keep the project on schedule. Although the client’s program require­ments were still under development during construction, Webcor kept the schedule on track by carefully managing the inspection process.

Webcor’s own skilled carpenters performed the exposed structural framing and finish carpentry including the extensive use of high-end materials such as African Mahogany, limestone tile, and bronze doors and trim. The project received a Best of 2009 Award of Merit for Restoration/Renovation from California Con­struction magazine.