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Mosso Apartments


This residential project consists of two nine-story concrete towers: 900 Folsom and 260 5th. 900 Folsom sits atop one level of below-grade parking and contains 282 units for a total of 388,060 square feet. The project includes a park plaza and a partial city street redevelopment and features a landscaped roof, podium areas, a gym, solarium, and general amenity spaces. The building’s exterior  features a pre-manufactured, design-build, unitized system encapsulating nearly all finishes and glazing components. 260 5th contains 181 units and totals 192,586 square feet. The project includes retail components along 5th Street frontage and a partial city street redevelopment. Incorporating design-build MEPF requirements with the building’s roof park design, featuring a landscaped roof and solarium, while remaining budget-compliant presented a major challenge. As with 900 Folsom, the building features a unitized skin system.