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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Seismic Phase II


The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Seismic Phase II includes a 45,000 gsf modernization and lab build-out of an existing Life Sciences building (B74); a new 3-story, 43,000 gsf General Purpose Laboratory building; a seismic slope stabilization for an existing structure (B85); and the demolition of several seismically poor existing structures to offset the new construction square footage.  All  buildings have received LEED Gold certification.

Building 74 Modernization
Building 74 interior demolition work began in October 2009 and was completed in February 2010. Building 74 modernization work began in March 2010 and completed Fall 2011.

New General Purpose Laboratory
Construction began Spring 2011 and completed Summer 2013.

Building 85 Slope Stabilization
Construction began Summer 2011 and completed Spring 2012.

Offsetting Demolition

  • Demolition of Buildings 25/25B began Summer 2010 and completed Spring 2011.
  • Demolition of the 71 Trailers began late Summer 2012 and completed Winter 2013.
  • Demolition of Building 55 began in Winter 2013 and completed in Fall 2013

Sustainability Features:

  • The retrofit process involved extensive remediation of asbestos and lead, prominent in the existing facility
  • Solar hot water heating panels help to reduce the energy consumption require to heat the water
  • Photo Sensors were installed to increase efficiency, maintain consistent daylight within the spaces, and save an average of 30-40% on energy costs