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Linda Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Linda County Wastewater Treatment Plant project is an upgrade and expansion of an existing wastewater treatment system with a current capacity of 1.8 million gallons per day (MGD). The expansion consists of 4 new poured-in-place concrete structures including a Primary Clarifier, two Secondary Clarifiers, and an Activated Sludge Basin structure with four separate basins. This new facility will provide tertiary treatment of wastewater and increase system capacity to 5.4 MGD.

Webcor Concrete placed approximately 8,000 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete to construct the four new structures.

The Primary Clarifier has a plan area of about 7,500 sq ft, an influent and effluent channel, provisions for cross collectors and launder troughs. The structure is approximately 18 ft tall, has 20,000 sq ft of wall contact area and a system of suspended walkway slabs. A sludge pump station is also incorporated into this structure.

The Secondary Clarifiers are 22 ft tall and 100 ft in diameter. Each has 15,000 sq ft of wall contact area, and an integral, concrete launder and weir wall structure. An RAS pump is located between the two Secondary Clarifiers and is connected to both tanks.

The Activated Sludge Basin structure contains four separate basins with a total plan area of 27,000 sq ft. It is 20 ft tall and has 106,000 sq ft of contact wall area. There are four influent box structures and a system of suspended walkways.