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San Jose State Piping Replacement


Webcor Builders, as part of a joint venture with Lyles Mechanical Co., provided CM-at-Risk services for the delivery of this $15 million project to replace the domestic hot water system and make other building system improvements in San Jose State University’s Campus Village. Campus Village is the primary residential complex on the 154-acre campus and is comprised of a 1,000,000-SF, 5-building complex housing 2,200 students in apartment and dormitory style rooms, with 2 levels of underground parking. Phases 1 and 2 of the Piping Replacement Project, now complete, involved installing water softeners and the complex-wide replacement of the horizontal supply and return piping. Phase 3 involved the replacement of the complex’s vertical supply risers and unit piping, including the removal and replacement of fixtures, angle stops, and associated components within each unit. It also included corrections to building life safety systems.

Webcor/Lyles provided preconstruction and construction management / administration services. In preconstruction, the JV self-performed survey and analysis work and worked hand-in-hand with the design team, led by STRATAap, to generate the contract documents. Because the work is to be completed in just 75 calendar days, it required a fast-track bid/trade package strategy that allowed more than one sub from each trade to work on the project concurrently. The work was performed around the clock with an average of 300 men on site at any given time. During construction, Webcor and Lyles self-performed critical tasks of the work to maintain the workflow and drive the schedule. The work was conducted in the existing, continuously operating Campus Village Housing facility, requiring careful coordination of work and strict schedule adherence.