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Siebel Systems


Siebel Systems, in Watergate Tower IV, is a 300,000 square-foot, 17-story steel and concrete-framed high rise, half of which integrates with the four-level parking structure. Before construction could begin, it was necessary to raise the perimeter access road that served three adjacent occupied high-rise office buildings and a restaurant over three feet in elevation. We accomplished this without disrupting access by sequencing the work – raising short sections one at a time and only closing half the road, leaving traffic access open on the other half.

Because the building rests on the parking structure, we had to balance an aggressive construction schedule with the structural requirement that all concrete shear walls in the building be complete through the four levels of parking before erecting steel above. By building the interior portion of the parking structure first and then completing its exterior and the building simultaneously, we were able to complete the project earlier than expected.

Finally, by acting as the conduit between the building owner and the tenant, Siebel Systems, we were able to streamline the building systems design and enable Siebel to occupy the building ahead of schedule.