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The Beacon


The Beacon (formerly Mission Place) is comprised of eight concrete towers, varying in height from 7 to 16 stories. The 1.3 million square foot complex houses 595 apartments, parks 1000 cars, and still has room for high-end retail and commercial space.

During preconstruction, Webcor was asked to re-examine the owner’s existing design. Their engineering and construction sequencing innovations shortened the project schedule by almost two months and reduced the project cost by over $20 million.Webcor’s suggestions increased the structural performance while eliminating costly beams at slab openings, standardized slab thickness to improve forming efficiency, deleted pilasters in basement walls, and improved column layout which reduced the quantity of costly shear walls and transfer beams.

Webcor’s Interior Construction division self-performed the installation of the doors, frames and hardware providing superior craftsmanship at a reduced cost.The significant overall cost savings enabled the owner to proceed with the project while allowing them to upgrade the quality of the fixtures and finishes.