Core Values

Our core values set the tone for how we operate at every level of the organization. Each one tells a multilayered story that motivates us to continually strive for excellence.


Core Values in Action

For 50 years, our five core values have guided every decision, especially the tough ones, whether in the field, in daily office meetings, or in our day-to-day conduct. At Webcor, our core values are expressed in everything we do.


We trust our employees, clients, and project stakeholders and view all as vital team members.


By aligning our common goals, we inspire a sense of community wherever we build.


At Webcor, construction isn’t just a job, but a craft that we work hard to perfect each day. We value craftsmanship in all forms, from the decisions made in an office environment to our boots on the ground implementation at project sites.


Our focus on continuous improvement leads to smarter decisions, creative solutions, and a bold approach to mitigating problems.


Webcor’s reputation as an innovative general contractor is reinforced each day in the field as our construction professionals hammer out solutions to tough challenges.

Our unique company culture is also an expression of our core values, where individuality is encouraged and creativity is rewarded.

Take a closer look below at what we value...

We Value Safety & Security

We’re committed to providing a safe and secure work environment for our employees, partners, and the public.

Every Webcor employee plays a unique role in creating a safe environment for themselves and for others.

We Value a Hands-On Approach

We love building. This means mud-caked boots and stickered-hardhats; it means hammering out solutions in a job trailer and implementing them in the field.

Our passion for building is eclipsed only by the dedication we bring to each project.

We Value Transparency

We value the free communication of ideas and insights. Good ideas come from all levels of our organization, from the Executive suite to all job site trailers.

We welcome input and questions from all our employees, project partners, and clients.

We Value Growth and Reinvention

Are you’re an estimator who wants to acquire more field experience? A project engineer who wants to explore BIM?

We'll work with you to find ways to keep you challenged and excited throughout your career.

We Value Teamwork

Successful teams not only work together but watch out for one another and this defines how Webcor operates.

We're focused on what’s right for the client, project stakeholders, our partners, and our employees.

We Value Giving Back

Whether we're mentoring high school students on a job site visit, or repairing an American Legion post.

Giving back to our communities is
fundamental to who we are and what we love to do.