Webcor's visionary leadership is comprised of talented industry professionals with decades of boots-on-the-ground experience to their area of specialty and responsibility.


Having risen through the ranks over the years, each member of the executive team remembers how important it was for their voice to be heard. Each are open to hearing a suggestion or engaging in conversation over coffee in the lunchroom or in a meeting.

Success might begin with leadership, but leadership begins with listening.

Jes Pedersen

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Rossie

President / Chief Operating Officer

Matt Reece

Chief Financial Officer

Mei Lin Wolff

Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

Jitendra Pahilajani

Executive Vice President, Builders

Chris Plue

Executive Vice President, Craft

Greg Chauhan

Sr. Vice President, Project Delivery

Tom Taylor

Sr. Vice President, Norcal Operations

Patrick Kirby

Sr. Vice President, General Counsel