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Foundry Square III


Foundry Square Building III is the final building in a master plan of four 10- story office buildings that dominates the busy intersection of 1st and Howard Streets. We completed the first three buildings in this complex in 2005. The buildings feature floor-to-floor heights of 14’, increased natural lighting and raised floor distribution systems where mechanical, electrical and data delivery systems are efficiently contained in the sub floor areas providing ‘plug & play’ flexibility, reducing energy costs. This efficient delivery system is enhanced through the use of an exposed concrete structural frame. By utilizing a 30’ x 30’ grid and flat plate slabs on this moment frame structure, Webcor was able to use a modular high speed forming system which provided an optimized construction sequence and an early completion date for the first three buildings; we did same on this fourth and final building which has 299,020 sq., ft. of office and 37,584 sq. ft. of parking.

Sustainability Features:

  • More than 2,400 S.F. of the lobby walls are covered in more than 12,500 plants, creating one of the nation’s largest green wall
  • Under-floor air supply improves indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption