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One Powell


One Powell is a historic, 101,000 square-foot, 8-story masonry building which houses the original branch of Bank of America. The 85-year-old office building was seismically retrofitted, expanded, and restored for mixed-use tenants including the bank, retail shops, and 44 high-end apartments.

The challenging seismic work required the bracing of the 3-story tall exterior columns and the ornate vaulted ceiling of the original rotunda. The mezzanine level of the rotunda was extended to create a second floor and to provide horizontal bracing for seismic stability.

Webcor also added a steel structure on the side of the building to expand the footprint of floors 3 through 7 to match the footprint of the original structure. The team was able to execute this complex project in an area with some of the heaviest foot traffic in the U.S. while allowing the bank to continue its operations throughout the construction process.