Self-Perform Group

Webcor Craft includes our in-house self-perform groups specializing in carpentry, concrete, and drywall allows us to exert greater control over quality, pricing, and schedule for your project.

Webcor Craft consistently demonstrates why CRAFT is one of our core values

Webcor is a hands-on, self-performing builder and a leading employer of laborers, carpenters, cement masons, and operating engineers throughout the State of California. We also enjoy access to the largest population of trade subcontractors in California.

Webcor Craft is our in-house self-perform group specializing in finish carpentry, concrete, and drywall. It allows us to exert greater control over the quality of materials, pricing, and schedule certainty on any project, thus furthering our commitment to client advocacy.


The self-perform group’s practical expertise results in enhanced field performance and strengthens our ability to identify constructability solutions and cost savings based on lessons learned from past projects, a proven history of success, as well as their extensive industry knowledge and expertise.

This approach differentiates us from our competition; an example of this is our ability to decrease the “time to market” by completing the “three-day cycle” -pouring a new concrete floor every three days.  This positively impacts owners in managing occupancy issues and scheduling impacts across market sectors.


Ultimately, it’s the client that benefits the most from the collaboration of a multi-disciplined self-perform group such as Webcor Craft. By playing an active role in the design phase, we help ensure the design fulfills our client’s goals and objectives and that construction is executed in the most effective manner.