At Webcor, safety involves much more than our Zero Incident Philosophy,
our industry leading EMR’s, or our award-winning Employee Health and Safety Program and its practices. Safety is the foundation for everything we build: we look out for one another.

Safety is Much Deeper Than a Program or a Set of Practices

Don’t get us wrong - we’re proud of the usual markers that account for a solid safety program, such as our low EMR rates, our Zero Injuries, Zero Accidents, Zero Citations, and Zero Tolerance philosophies.

Webcor employees are committed to ensuring an open communication exchange regardless of seniority or title. We exercise this right on a daily basis to proactively promote and maintain a culture of awareness, interdependence, and caring. This empathetic approach to safety empowers every employee to be vigilant and to speak up if they observe a safety risk.

A Community of Caring

Webcor employees recognize that each of their coworkers have multiple reasons to get home safely each day. Each employee’s family, and the communities they are a part of, are directly impacted by the success of our safety culture that keep them safe each day. 

Because each team member is subject to a potential injury or incident, work crews look out for one another regardless of company affiliation or work title. They recognize the interdependence of all project workers, underscoring the concept that safety is much more than a manual, but the culmination of their efforts to care for one another.

A Community of Caring Begins with Listening 

Webcor’s leaders are individually committed to the safety of all Webcor employees, trade partners, project stakeholders, and the general public. We're also committed to safety training for all employees and we maintain an open-door policy. We encourage the value of listening with empathy and embracing the concerns of all team members.

At Webcor, safety is more than a culture, it’s in our DNA.