A Lasting Legacy in Los Angeles: Jardine Earns TCO

Webcor achieved TCO for Jardine on April 7, marking the significant completion of the 250,000-SF residential building in the heart of Los Angeles.

April 27, 2021

Project Updates

Between a pandemic, protests, and a continuously evolving building design – the team at Jardine has not had it easy.

But on April 7, they had every reason to celebrate. The project officially earned its temporary certificate for occupancy (TCO), marking the significant completion of the 250,000-square-foot residential building in the heart of Los Angeles.

Webcor has been fully involved with the project from the start, working closely with the project’s developer Kilroy in the early planning and preconstruction stages. The urban village development, On Vine, includes a residential building, commercial buildings, restaurants and retail spaces. Ultimately, Webcor was awarded construction of Jardine – a luxury residential building that boasts a residential roof deck, door-to-door valet service, and a subterranean parking garage.

Rendering by Kilroy

The Power of Partnership

When Jardine broke ground in December 2018, the team was immersed in challenges surrounding design and cost.

“Kilroy has an in-house design team along with an out-of-state Architect (GBD Architects), so juggling their expectations with the on-the-ground reality proved to be a bit challenging,” explains Project Director Ahmad Tahir.

Thankfully, Webcor had worked with Kilroy before on the Columbia Square project and was able to draw on past experiences and lessons learned.

The team’s expert interpersonal skills also came in handy when coordinating with Hathaway Dinwiddie, the contractor responsible for the construction of the commercial portion of the development. Due to the close proximity of the projects, the teams were always in communication with each other to ensure their schedules were aligned. When COVID-19 struck and widespread protests impacted their central jobsite, having another general contractor to bounce things off of proved to be very helpful.

“Suddenly, there were a host of other safety regulations we had to abide by. We were able to exchange advice and best practices with Hathaway,” notes Ahmad. “At the end of the day, both of our goals were to keep everyone safe and to keep the projects running.”

Teamwork and Resilience

In spite of the challenges encountered along the way, the project team remained resilient.

“There were a lot of staff members who left Webcor or were transferred to other projects,” recalls Sr. Project Manager Graciela Santillan. “It was challenging to learn the history of the project after they left, but we worked through it together as a team.”

The project’s success is a true testament to the power of One Webcor, with the team self-performing concrete and carpentry. Together, they provided a united front and consistently delivered high-quality work.

“Kilroy always commented they could never tell who was who,” Ahmad laughs. “Everyone was eager to step up to the plate and do whatever it takes.”

Looking Forward  

When the project is fully handed over in May, the team leaves behind not only a new addition to the Los Angeles skyline, but a lasting impression with an important client.

“We certainly hope that we exceeded expectations with Kilroy. They have a very collaborative way of working, and we fit right into that culture,” notes Ahmad. “It was an important project for a client we would love to work with again.”