From Barbecue to Barnyard: A Sustainable Solution for Leftovers

Webcor BBQ team member Patrick Haley recently found a way to dispose of their leftovers: Feed them to pigs.

June 17, 2024


At toppings out and other events, Webcorians have enjoyed some prime barbecue prepared and delivered by Webcor Craft's barbecue team. Recently, barbecue team member Patrick Haley found a way to dispose of the leftovers from these meals: Feed them to pigs.

Why it matters: While employees have taken some barbecue leftovers, there's often too much to distribute to event participants, especially baked beans. Through a relationship developed on the UCSF New Hospital Parnassus Heights (NHPH) project, Patrick was able to try a new approach to the problem.

Go deeper: Gordon Schaeffer works for Southland, a subcontractor on the NHPH project. Gordy, as he's known, told Patrick that he is raising four pigs that will eventually be used to feed his family.

  • Patrick mentioned the pigs to Webcor Craft Executive VP Chris Plue, who wondered about possibly feeding the leftovers to the pigs. "In the past, we tried giving them to a homeless shelter or a senior living facility," Patrick says. "It has been a hassle for the jobsite hosting the events."

The pigs—Slump, Slurry, Slag, and SEOR (for Structural Engineer of Record)—had mixed reactions to the beans—they rolled around in them more than ate them—so Patrick and Gordy plan to try mixing them with oats next time. However, the farm's chickens love them and the other barbecue trimmings.

  • "Chris has a grand vision to paint a pig green and make it the mascot for the barbecue team," Patrick says.