Intern Spotlight: Jacqueline Yeung

Since joining the UCSF NHPH team in June, PE Intern Jacqueline Yeung's taken on myriad opportunities to support her teammates in both the office and the field.

August 11, 2023

Employee Spotlight

It’s no secret that one of Webcor’s strongest selling points is our vast project portfolio—from SFMOMA to Salesforce Transit Center, Webcor’s resume spans nearly all major market sectors, including a hefty emphasis on higher education. When Project Engineer (PE) Intern Jacqueline Yeung discovered Webcor had built the very on-campus dorm in which she’d resided as a freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, her interest was immediately piqued.

“I first heard about Webcor from a friend who received an offer from them,” Jacqueline says. “Soon after that, I spotted Webcor recruiters at a Cal Poly SLO career fair and met Assistant Project Manager Joseph Bolous, who gave me some more background on the company and the internship program. A week or two later, I noticed Webcor again at one of Cal Poly’s info sessions.”

Through her conversations with Webcor’s recruiters, she realized the company checked all of the boxes on her internship wish list—a large general contractor located in San Francisco with an established Bay Area presence fueled by an impressive resume featuring high-profile, impactful projects with which she was familiar. And, most importantly—it was a company with available active projects for the next wave of summer interns.

“The Cal Poly info session is where I officially applied for a spot in Webcor’s summer intern program and scheduled an interview,” Jacqueline says. “I’d been researching internships so I could gain some on-the-job experience and learn what postgrad life might look like as a project engineer.”

Since joining the UCSF New Hospital at Parnassus Heights (UCSF NHPH) team on June 20, Jacqueline’s taken on myriad opportunities to support her teammates in both the office and the field. She’s enjoyed tackling a workload that balances both worlds—completing daily logs, discussing emerging issues and current work with trade partners, checking for errors in installation, shooting progress photos, and preparing the site for other trades in the field, and managing scoping aspects, RFIs/submittals, document organization, and communication between groups in the office.

Last month, Jacqueline enjoyed taking on a completely new type of challenge—preparing the NHPH site for a 100-plus person event celebrating her primary assigned project (Site Make Ready 4, a component of the UCSF NHPH project) bottoming out the big soil nail wall that had been under construction for months. Working closely with her fellow NHPH interns, Jacqueline spent seven consecutive hours slicing meat and bread, setting up chairs and tables, serving attendees, and staying on top of anything else her team needed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable celebration for all.

“All six of us interns stayed busy preparing the site and helping the Webcor BBQ grill masters provide lunch for UCSF NHPH’s trade partners and office workers,” she says. “It was a great day celebrating the work that so many people had put into the project—it’s already become one of my favorite Webcor memories.”

Over the next couple weeks, Jacqueline plans to continue immersing herself in new challenges and contributing to her teammates in the office and field however she can. She hopes to walk away from her internship with a clearer understanding of hospital projects, the unique complexities that come with delivering them, and the overall Webcor employee experience.

“I’ve heard hospital projects are particularly complicated and fast-paced, so it’s been interesting to see that reflected in the office culture,” she says. “The people on my team work really hard and always try their best—I hope to become more like them as my career progresses. I’m excited to work with such driven professionals and contribute to a project that’s truly improving its community and the people within it.”

As someone whose industry experience was previously limited to residential construction, Jacqueline also hopes to learn more about commercial construction so she can decide which sector she’s most interested in pursuing post-graduation.

“I’ve always been a visual person and learner, so learning what it takes to build something and seeing all the ‘gears turn’ during the construction process is really interesting to me,” Jacqueline says. “I’ve enjoyed learning about all aspects related to construction as a Construction Management major and the creative problem-solving that comes with making one object look like another as a Theater Arts major focused on scenic and prop design.”

Jacqueline’s passion for creativity and visual learning extends to her hobbies as well. In her spare time, she loves surrounding herself with art, whether it be theater, digital, or physical. She also enjoys video games, paddleboarding with her mom, working out, and baking desserts. Check out some of her specialties – muffins, coffee cake, and cinnamon rolls – below, as well as some shots of her artwork!

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple icing!

Red velvet bear cookies

Jacqueline, her mom, and Jonah (little dog) paddleboarding in Sacramento
Jacuqeline and Jonah on the paddleboard
"Digital art piece I did on the plane to Hong Kong illustrating a view from a museum. I tend to be drawn to realism."
"A digital art piece of a modern-style bedroom. My intent was to make this piece a bit dreamy."
"Above, some of the prop work I’ve done for Cal Poly’s theater program. The goal was to create the look of stacks and stacks of papers without actually using stacked papers since that would be extremely wasteful. They also had to be stable enough to remain vertical (unlike normal stacks of paper). I designed and built about 30 stacks of these. They involve some book pages, plywood, binder clips, wood glue, staples, and 1x3s to help create the illusion while remaining stable. Fun fact: One of the actresses kicks over a stack, so we made one false stack that was unstable."