Intern Spotlight: Warren Cook

PE Intern Warren Cook is a rising sophomore at Purdue University majoring in Construction Management, a rewarding pathway to a fulfilling, long-lasting career in construction.

June 30, 2023

Employee Spotlight

When the time came for Project Engineer (PE) Intern Warren Cook to declare his major at Purdue University, he knew he wanted to choose one that would not only open opportunities to contribute his talents and skillsets to future employers but also continuously challenge him to set new professional goals, seek and absorb new knowledge, and evolve into the best version of himself.

Today, he’s a rising sophomore majoring in Construction Management, a rewarding pathway to a fulfilling, long-lasting career in construction—an industry that offers no shortage of such challenges thanks to its daily onslaught of demands, hurdles, and puzzles to solve with team members, clients, trade partners, and architects.

“The day-to-day aspects of the construction industry really intrigue me,” he says. “Right when you think everything is going to plan, an unexpected issue can arise that challenges everyone to adapt and rework processes to find a plausible solution. Being on a team and contributing to the solution is very satisfying.”

Now that he’s a PE intern at the Genesis Marina TI, Warren’s excited to get to work and experience that hard-earned sense of satisfaction on the job site for the first time. In addition to contributing to his team however he can, he looks forward to gaining a better understanding of construction’s various career paths, as he’s still considering which track to pursue professionally. So far, he’s had the opportunity to work on layouts, QC, submittals, RFIs, and several miscellaneous tasks with which his internship manager has entrusted him.

“I really enjoy being part of the whole inter-connected system of construction,” Warren says. “It’s such a people-oriented world—from skilled trade professionals in the field to project managers in the office, everyone depends on one another and is essential to project delivery. Throughout my career,  I’ll strive to be a leader who uplifts my co-workers through my actions and words and make a positive difference in whatever way possible.”

As a Bay Area native, Warren’s grateful to get his start in the construction industry with Webcor — a general contractor that’s spent the last five decades building everything from airport terminals at SFO International Airport to student housing at UC Berkeley. The company’s reputation as a respected Bay Area builder powered by an exemplary employee culture quickly distinguished it amongst a sea of competitors in Warren’s search for large Bay Area-based general contractors, Warren says.

“I’ve really enjoyed Webcor’s focus on community, both within and outside the company," he continues. "Connecting with my fellow Bay Area-based PE interns over a game of softball is just one example of the community-building experiences we've been offered so far. That game has become one of my favorite Webcor memories!

“The entire intern experience has been such a rewarding experience already. Every morning, I wake up looking forward to the work day ahead—something exciting comes up literally every hour on this job!”

In his free time, Warren enjoys hiking anywhere with a great view, visiting unique hidden gems throughout the Bay Area, spending time with his family, and woodworking—currently, he’s working on a canoe paddle composed of recycled scrap wood!