Mission Rock Parcel F Tops Out Mesa Podium (Level 6)

The Mission Rock Parcel F team celebrated topping out the level 6 “Mesa” podium with a classic Webcor BBQ.

March 1, 2023

Project Updates

On Feb. 22, the Mission Rock Parcel F team celebrated topping out the level 6 “Mesa” podium, pouring out level 1 built-up slab (BUS), and completing trade coordination early with a classic Webcor BBQ featuring our custom-made grill and trailer. Nearly 200 team members from Webcor Builders, Webcor Concrete, Webcor Drywall, Webcor Carpentry, PSG, ISI, Marelich, CEI, CMI, Spencer Masonry, Alliance, Clark Pacific, and Air Systems gathered for the topping out celebration at the waterfront project site in the heart of San Francisco’s rapidly developing Mission Rock neighborhood.

“We’re proud to share that the recent atmospheric river events did not pose any delays—in fact, we were able to accelerate our schedule from 6-day cycles to 4-5-day cycles,” says Project Manager, Concrete Kenny Hua. “It’s a powerful reflection of One Webcor’s impact and the way we blend our roles and responsibilities as a unified team across multiple Webcor divisions.”

During the BBQ, Kenny and Sr. Superintendent, Concrete Sergio Valencia congratulated attendees on the excellent teamwork performed amongst all trade partners/companies involved and thanked them for keeping the project site clean and organized throughout construction. “We look forward to finishing the project strong—safely and on schedule,” Kenny says.

Parcel F is one of two projects Webcor’s delivering for Mission Rock Partners, the second being Mission Rock Horizontal—Street Improvement Package (SIP) & China Basin Park (CBP). Parcel F expects to achieve LEED Gold® certification. Once complete, the 315,000-square-foot, 254-unit residential tower will offer 96 below-market rate apartments and ample amenity and retail space. The building’s podium—aka the Mesa—creates multiple terrace levels that overlook the lively public space, cultivating an open community atmosphere.