Safety Week Spotlight: Vincent DeBenedictis

For as long as he can remember, Safety Manager Vincent DeBenedictis has always loved helping people.

May 1, 2023

Employee Spotlight

For as long as he can remember, Safety Manager Vincent DeBenedictis has always loved helping people. It’s a passion that has fueled his trajectory from union carpenter to safety leader at some of Webcor’s most high-profile Los Angeles projects. Fresh off Beaudry (aka 960 W. 7th St.) and currently on Cosm at Hollywood Park, Vince spends his days immersed in the myriad tasks that go into creating a physically and psychologically safe job site for his teammates–a responsibility that’s equal parts demanding and gratifying.

“Seeing the impact I’m making on our project teams is the most rewarding part of my role as safety manager,” Vince says. “A safe work environment fosters effective teamwork and increases morale and productivity. I’m proud to say I’ve used my unique blend of field experience and academic background to develop and implement effective safety measures on every project I’ve been assigned, in turn creating safer work environments and improving morale.”

Originally a career painter, Vince got his start in the safety world while working as a union carpenter specializing in concrete formwork. Under the guidance and support of several mentors, he learned the ins and outs of what it meant to truly work safely, eventually inspiring him to pursue a full-time career in managing on-site safety efforts and initiatives.

After leaving the union, he took on his first safety-focused role at an excavation subcontractor before joining Webcor’s safety team in 2018. Immediately, he was drawn to the company culture’s unique focus on innovation, creativity, and active caring—all of which intersect in Webcor’s Safety program.

“Safety is integral to Webcor’s culture—we aim to prevent accidents and ensure workers’ well-being by actively caring for them,” he says. “We make a real difference by educating everyone on our safety program and creating exceptionally safe job sites, inspiring Webcorians to recognize us as a company that truly takes care of its people. I’m proud to have played a vital role in the department’s immense growth over the last few years.”

As Vince points out, a world-class safety program is multifaceted; it prioritizes workers’ mental health just as highly as it does physical safety, and it compels them to embrace the responsibility they have to themselves, their families, and their teammates to be safe on-site. Failure to do so could quickly lead to disastrous, irrevocable consequences ranging from life-changing injuries to fatalities.

“Across the construction industry, we desperately need to eliminate the ‘It won’t happen to me’ mentality,” he says. “That type of attitude turns into complacency, which substantially increases the risk of accidents and injuries. It’s critical that people treat safety as the shared responsibility that it is and recognize that even the seemingly smallest of shortcuts can lead to severe safety-related consequences. This starts with continuing to train and educate teams on how to mitigate risks and identify hazards correctly.”

Our industry’s annual Construction Safety Week is a perfect opportunity for construction companies and project teams to renew their commitments to ensuring everyone returns home safely at the end of each work day, Vince says. Founded in 2014 by the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) group and Incident and Injury-Free (IIF) CEO Forum, Safety Week aims to inspire everyone in the construction industry to lead the way in safety. For nearly a decade, Webcor’s on-site Safety Week events have celebrated our safety program’s progress and encouraged Webcorians to recommit themselves to putting in the work required to eliminate all incidents from our job sites.

“The construction industry has come a long way regarding safety, but there’s still room for improvement,” Vince continues. “I’m excited to be part of its ongoing evolution and help effect positive change. When people understand the importance of safety and how it affects their and their families’ lives, they’re more likely to engage and speak up for safety!”

Since joining Webcor over five years ago, Vince has completed his associate’s degree in Occupational Safety & Health and earned his Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification. As he continues to carve his path as a top leader in Webcor’s Safety department, he looks forward to finishing his bachelor’s degree program in Occupational Safety & Health and completing his Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification soon afterward!