UCSF Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision Begins Staff Move-In

After four years of design and construction, UCSF Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision has received its Certificate of Occupancy

July 14, 2020

After four years of design and construction, 576,746 craft labor hours, 96,776 salaried hours, four force majeure events, and 169 days of owner delays, UCSF Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision has received its Certificate of Occupancy.

The CofO was received on June 26.

The full design-build project consisted of a 12-story, 360,000-square-foot structure that houses the UCSF Ophthalmology Department and Research Clinic on one side and an academic and administrative hub on the other. Some of the 1,500 employees from 40 UCSF departments have already started moving in. Ultimately, between 40,000 and 50,000 patients a year will be treated at the facility.

The project team did not accomplish this feat alone. We stood on the shoulders of our trade and design partners, One Webcor self-perform groups (representing 27 percent of all subcontracted cost), and support from our corporate executive and administrative teams.

This was a truly collaborative effort. The Webcor team was co-located with UCSF, inspectors of record, and design and trade partners starting with the award of the project through CofO. The culmination of this co-located team coming together as one is best summarized by a text Superintendent Omar Hosny received from the head Building Official after receiving CofO: "From the contractor’s side, it has been the best-run construction of a new building that I've granted occupancy during my time at UCSF."

The team also stayed true to our core values, built safely, actively cared for the project/team/community, and had fun while doing so. While it's hard to put this all into words, the Associate Vice Chancellor of UCSF Capital Programs, Scott Muxen, might have captured the team's values best in a message congratulating Project Executive Todd Mercer on achieving the CofO: "You guys have done an excellent job and demonstrated the highest integrity of all my major project teams."

Following are the members of the project's One Webcor team that made all this possible:

Webcor Concrete

Chris Arnold
Galen Dougherty
Jose Peinado
Jose Pulido
Tom McCue

Webcor Drywall

Adam Martin
Adolfo Arellano
Aliya Karimi
John McElwain
Rachel Chagoya Stuart

Webcor Carpentry

Erik Roggeveen
Jordan Dieken
Joseph Bolous
Kerriann McDermott

Webcor Builders

Alec Gieser
Becca Lyman
Brent Griffis
Brandy Jenkins
Brittany Gilbert
Omar Hosny
Bryan Bishop
Chase Corcorran
Evan Sims
Jai Thangaraj
Jashan Singh
Mario Saenz
Megan Zahnow
Nisha Puri
Ryan Miller
Stuart Chapman-Laver
Ted Williams
Tina Wong
Todd Mercer
Zach Moore