Webcor PA/PC Group Participates in Sausalito, CA Beach Clean-Up

In honor of Earth Day, Webcor's PA/PC group partnered with local non-profit Save the Bay to help pick up trash at the Fort Baker Horseshoe Cove in Sausalito.

April 27, 2021


Sun, sand, and sea – all the makings for a perfect day at the beach.

But when Webcor’s Project Accountant/Project Coordinator (PA/PC) group met at Sausalito beach on a Saturday morning, they were on a mission bigger than catching some rays.

Rather, the group partnered with local non-profit Save the Bay to help pick up trash at the Fort Baker Horseshoe Cove in Sausalito, CA. As climate change and pollution threaten the Bay Area, Save the Bay leads initiatives to make the region more sustainable for future generations.

With all social-distancing measures in place, Webcorians were eager to reconnect in-person after a year of remote work. For Project Coordinator Leslie Mejia, it was the first time she had met many of her teammates face-to-face.

“I was hired last summer during the pandemic. I haven’t had many opportunities to meet others in-person, so it was a great way to meet some of my fellow Webcorians,” she says.

Many brought along family members and friends to help out, including Project Coordinator Brittany Gilbert, who was joined by her partner and 2-year-old twins.

“The kids enjoyed putting on their gloves, using the trash grabbers, and seeing some of the interesting things that washed up on the shore,” she recalls.

Together, the group spent hours picking up trash, collecting cigarette butts, plastic, Styrofoam, disposable masks, shoes and even a toilet brush.  The sheer amount of waste collected was eye-opening for the volunteers.

“Living, working, and building in close proximity to the bay, I think it’s important to understand how our everyday behaviors affect water resources and ocean life,” notes Jan Yi, field administrative manager.

“It’s shocking to think that you could come back the very next day and have just as much trash, if not more than what we collected that day,” adds Staff Accountant Cynthia Zolezzi.

The team had a rewarding volunteer outing and was able to fulfill their Earth Day Planet pledge – all while reconnecting with one another. If you are interested in organizing a volunteer day in Northern California, make sure to check out alloneocean.org for family-friendly volunteer opportunities.  

After all, every day should be Earth Day.