Webcor Ponies Take Home SFAEC Championship Title

Another year in the San Francisco AEC league has concluded with tremendous success for The Ponies, Webcor’s 2023 softball team.

September 6, 2023


by Robert Lim, Sr. Project Engineer, Concrete

Another year in the San Francisco architects, engineers and contractors league has concluded with tremendous success for Webcor’s 2023 softball team, The Ponies. Webcor quickly established their position in the league, going undefeated throughout the season until a close defeat with the number 1 team in the league. However, that defeat was countered with style in the August playoffs against the same team, setting up The Ponies for the 2023 championship game!

After the Webcor Ponies triumphantly defeated the #1 overall seed, The Ringers, in the semifinals, they took to the field on August 24 with one goal in mind: to bring home another trophy! The Ponies were looking to claim their first championship since 2019, and the pressure was on! The stage was set at Rossi Park. With a home field advantage in hand, The Ponies took on Dome Construction.

The sure-handed infield crew consisted of Superintendent Tim Scapin (1B); Project Engineer Christian Pedersen (2B); Superintendent, Concrete Kelly Martz (SS); and Superintendent, Concrete Gabe Zagorski (3B). The platoon of outfielders included Assistant Project Manager Colin Ryan; Sr. Project Engineer, Concrete Rob Lim; Assistant Project Engineer, Drywall Mauricio “Big Mo” Fernandez; Project Manager Eunice Sale; Project Engineer, Concrete Adam Stenberg; Superintendent, Concrete Matt Miller; and Superintendent, Drywall Pat Shock. Sr. Superintendent Karl Jeppesen and Sr. Project Manager Crissy Tsai were the respective Pitcher/Catcher battery.

Dome got off to a quick start, putting up two runs in the top of the first inning. However, The Ponies quickly followed up with three runs of their own to take a lead they would never relinquish. The Pony defense dialed it in during the second inning and made quick work of Dome, not allowing a single run. Dome was only able to tack on one more run in the top of the third inning before The Ponies followed up by scoring seven runs, the maximum allowed in an inning, at the bottom of the third.

The defense held strong with huge plays by Webcor, including a throw out at home by Kelly, and some clean work in the infield by Gabe in the hot corner! With a drastic 10-3 lead heading into the fourth inning, The Ponies were able to hold off Dome, only allowing three more runs for the remainder of the game. And of course, they scored two additional insurance runs to secure the victory!

The Ponies definitively defeated Dome and took home the championship with a final score of 12-6!

This championship game performance embodied the consistent execution that The Ponies had provided all season long. Coming into the playoffs, The Ponies were the fifth seed with a 9-2 record. One of those regular season losses was vindicated when The Ponies bested The Ringers in the semifinals, having originally lost to them in the final game of the regular season. The Ponies refuse to recognize the other regular season loss, which was a technicality (a forfeit driven by a clerical scheduling error on the SFAEC website). At the end of the day, The Pony mantra of “ball don’t lie” rang true, as that forfeit has been quickly forgotten while the Webcor Ponies bask in the greatness of winning their third championship!

The 2023 roster praises those who came before us – the 2016 and 2019 teams paved the way to greatness when they brought the first two championships home to Webcor.

Special thank you to Crissy Tsai for being an awesome team manager!