Webcor Unveils Interactive Executive Safety Walk Guide

Webcor has unveiled an interactive guide to its groundbreaking Executive Safety Walks, making it available to organizations seeking to enhance safety.

May 3, 2023


Webcor has unveiled an interactive guide to its groundbreaking Executive Safety Walks, making it available to organizations seeking to enhance safety by combining leadership visibility and trust-building actions executives take during and after a Safety Walk.

The interactive module is being launched during Construction Safety Week 2023, which runs from May 1-5. "Safety innovations should never be proprietary," says Webcor President and CEO Matt Rossie. "By releasing this guide to our Safety Walks during Safety Week, we aim to encourage other construction companies to adopt it. No matter where you work, you should be confident that your company is doing everything possible to ensure your safety and wellbeing every day."

The program is easily adaptable for industries beyond construction.

Webcor introduced Executive Safety Walks several years ago as the commercial general contractor and builder set out on a mission to elevate safety and reduce incidents and near misses. Coupled with other initiatives like the "Speak Up for Safety" culture, which empowers all employees-including subcontractors-to voice concerns about potential hazards, the walks have significantly improved safety. Webcor's leaders also maintain that, regardless of project budgets, funds are always available to address safety issues.

Led by the president/CEO, an executive vice president, or a member of the Executive Committee, Executive Safety Walks begin with a meeting with project leadership to review safety statistics and discuss unique safety issues and concerns. Executives then tour the project site, witnessing safety measures firsthand with a "fresh set of eyes" and engaging with front-line workers to gauge their safety perceptions and openness to voicing concerns. Subsequently, executives meet privately with the highest-ranking on-site subcontractor representatives to hear their specific and candid insights and any concerns, and directly reinforce Webcor's safety culture as requiring both a "bottom-up" and "top-down" commitment in order to succeed. "Seeing this visible, in-person demonstration of our commitment to the safety of their people leads subcontractors to have a higher degree of trust in Webcor," Rossie says. "That works to everybody's benefit."

The Walk culminates in a final meeting with project leaders, where executives discuss their findings and outline actions to address any emerging issues. Executives follow up within days to ensure the implementation of corrective measures.

The interactive guide provides comprehensive details on the Walk, including frequency, necessary next steps and follow-up items, post-walk reviews, and schedules. The module also features several downloadable templates, such as an evaluation form template, preparation checklist, and a list of questions for executives to ask on-site tradespeople.

Access the interactive guide at https://executivesafetywalk.webcor.com

Executive Safety Walk online module

Executive Safety Walk at Genesis Marina in Brisbane, CA (Pictured from left to right: Webcor Sr. Vice President/General Counsel Patrick Kirby, Superintendent Omar Hosny, President/CEO Matt Rossie, Construction Manager John Tuttle)

Executive Safety Walk at Genesis Marina in Brisbane, CA

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