Women of Webcor Group Heads to UC Merced for Panel Event

Construction, coffee, and candid conversations.

November 21, 2019

Employee Spotlight

Earlier this month, the Women of Webcor group hosted a panel event at the UC Merced 2020 campus expansion project site. In addition to an engaging panel discussion, attendees had the opportunity to network with Webcor employees from different offices.

Stemming from an idea discussed at a Women of Webcor Steering Committee meeting at the beginning of the year, the event was planned and executed by Project Coordinator Sharon Chandra and Safety Coordinator Ana Cooper.

“We wanted to create an opportunity for people to get together and learn from their peers, while also giving them the chance to check out the UC Merced project,” explains Sharon. “Plus, we definitely had the space to host a large group!”

On the morning of November 7th, attendees travelled to Merced from Webcor jobsites and offices all over Northern California. For many, it was their first time in Merced.

After enjoying breakfast and coffee, the group departed on a jobsite tour, graciously led by Sr. Vice President Greg Chauhan, Project Director Jansen Tredway and Sr. Superintendent John “Lucky” Luchsinger.

“After hearing so much about Webcor’s successes in Merced – like turning over buildings ahead of schedule and having strong community involvement – it was such a treat to see the project firsthand,” explains Senior Project Engineer Stephanie Murphy. “It’s a beautiful campus, and it’s easy to imagine the school’s long-term vision and its positive impact.”

The group explored the ins and outs of the massive project – including a new state-of-the art Wet lab with giant ductwork on the roof and an Olympic sized swimming pool. Following the tour, they headed back to the jobsite trailer to enjoy lunch together before preparing for the panel discussion.

The panel included Senior VDC Manager Jocelyn Mezofenyi, Senior Vice President Mei Lin Wolff, and Vice President Nihan Tiryaki, who described their unique career paths to construction and shared lessons they learned along the way.

“Each of the women on the panel shared such different perspectives, and hearing their experiences reinvigorated my sense of purpose for being out in the field,” says Stephanie.

Audience members asked the panelists candid questions, leading to a great discussion on the challenges encountered by women in the construction industry.

“There were some really powerful statements made by the audience, which created kind of a safe space for people that were present,” explains Sharon. “It’s an indescribable feeling knowing you are supported and that there are advocates out there willing to speak up for you.”