Sky High Dining, Lodging, and Residential Experiences in the Transbay Center



San Francisco, CA


F4 Transbay Partners, LLC


1.1 million square feet

62 levels above grade

30 floors of residential; 9 floors of hotel; 7 floors of hotel & shared amenities and BOH, and approximately 300,000 square feet of office

LEED Certification:

Gold (targeted)


Delivery Model:



Pelli Clarke Pelli, HKS, Shelton Mindel, Joyce Wang Studios

The Transbay Parcel F project is an approximately 800 foot tall mixed-use tower in downtown San Francisco that includes a luxury five star hotel, dedicated office, retail, and for-sale residential units. It is also one of the only three buildings with a direct connection to the adjacent Salesforce Transit Center’s 5.4-acre rooftop park via pedestrian skybridge.

The structure features four below-grade and 62 above grade levels and totals approximately 1.1 million square feet. The project features a very challenging design at the below-grade and podium levels due to adjacent site constraints. Approximately one third of the site is occupied by a below-grade train box that will connect to the lower levels of the Salesforce Transit Center. Both of these constraints drove the architectural and design of the structure.

The project is targeting LEED Gold.


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